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  • FOCUS PLUS Beverage Powder
    Tropical – 1.500g


    Beverage powder for the production of a refreshsing drink with tropical flavor with plant extracts,vitamins and calcium, 1,500 g = ca. 25 liters 

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  • FOCUS PLUS – Immune Energy Instant Drink – Tetra Pak 0.5l – 12 pieces


    Packaging unit: 12 pieces

    0,5l Citrus-Kiwi soft drink with plant extracts
    fruit content: 23% with added vitamins and calcium

    With headstart Tetra Pak we offer you a natural fruit juice drink (23% fruit juice content) without preservatives, without artificial colouring and without caffeine.

    It provides the organism with even energy. This function is the key to success, as our brain does not have its own energy storage and gets 99% of its energy from blood glucose!

    The effect of headstart thus ensures that our brain as well as our entire organism (body) is constantly and optimally supplied with energy from blood glucose for hours.
    This results in a noticeably better concentration in combination with increased physical vitality and simultaneous stress reduction. The sum of these positive characteristics results in a considerable strengthening of the immune system.

    As a result, you will be able to master your tasks in your job, school, everyday life or sports with ease.

    The taste is slightly tart (not sweet). For the cold season headstart can be heated up to 50°. So you have the possibility to enjoy headstart hot in this season!

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