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The drink for people who want to get the most out of their performance. headstart® supports the body with ingredients such as sage, lemon balm, ginger and complex carbohydrates to optimally master the challenges of everyday life.

headstart FOCUS PLUS works very simply

To ensure optimal and long mental performance, a continuous energy supply for our brain is the most important thing. The brain has no energy storage and gets 99 percent of its energy from blood glucose. Although the brain accounts for only 2% of body weight, it can consume 20-30% of the organism’s total energy.

So it is important to give the brain what it needs and this is glucose (sugar).

But not all sugar is the same – the right mixture is the key to success. FOCUS PLUS® has this special composition, has NO effect on body weight and can be drunk by school children up to people in need of care in old age.

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Scientifically approved
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Scientifically approved

The basis for the proof of the function of headstart® FOCUS PLUS is a scientific study, which was carried out in a double-blind expert opinion. The study was presented at the 41st German Sports Medicine Congress in the University Clinic of Ulm.

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Approximately 20 minutes before calling up the desired effect (improvement in concentration, physical performance or stress reduction) you should start drinking FOCUS PLUS.

This is the taste of FOCUS PLUS

headstart® FOCUS PLUS is the perfect symbiosis of a refreshing fruit juice drink with an exquisite individual taste and a contemporary functional drink.

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