FOCUS PLUS Beverage Powder
Lemon – 1.500g

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Beverage powder for the production of a refreshsing drink with LEMON flavor with plant extracts, vitamins, calcium and magnesium added, 1,500 g = ca. 25 liters

FOCUS PLUS Beverage Powder
Lemon – 1.500g


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With focus plus® beverage powder we offer you a natural beverage powder for the production of a refreshing drink without preservatives, without artificial colors and without caffeine. It provides the organism with energy evenly . This function is the key to success, as our brain does not have its own energy store and draws 99% of its energy from blood glucose! The effect of focus plus® ensures that our brain and our entire organism (body) are constantly and optimally supplied with energy from blood glucose for hours. This results in a noticeably better concentration performance in combination with increased physical vitality while reducing stress atthe same time. The sum of these positive properties results in a considerable strengthening of the immune system. This will enable you to cope with your work, school, everyday or sports tasks with ease. We recommend mixing focus plus® beverage powder with water (still or carbonated). The taste is slightly tart (not sweet). For the cold season , focus plus® can be heated up to 50 °. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy focus plus® hot at this time of year! Mixing with natural yoghurt and milk is an alternative. focus plus also strengthens your immune system!

Ingredients: dextrose, sugar, maltodextrin, acid: citric acid; flavouring, potassium salts of orthophosphoric acid, calcium lactate, magnesium carbonate, vitamin blend (L-ascorbic acid, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B1), balm extract, sage extract, ginger extract, stabiliser: guar gum; colour: riboflavin.

Additional information


Ideal before, during and after activities – at work, at school, in everyday life and in sports






46g powder corresponds to a measuring spoon, fill into a dry container or drinking bottle and pour approx. 750 ml of water. Stir or shake well. # Br # Recommended dose: 1.5 l / day

Recommended dose

Drink 100 – 200 ml approx. 15 minutes before starting the activity (mentally or physically). Then every 50 to 60 minutes another 100 ml

FOCUS PLUS Beverage Powder
Lemon – 1.500g

Artikelnummer 9601 Kategorie Infos , , ,

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Lemon – 1.500g
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