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FOCUS PLUS from headstart is a fruit juice drink without caffeine and without preservatives, which supports your immune system, increases physical vitality and concentration and reduces stress.
Suitable from school children to people in need of care in old age. Recommended by pharmacies and suitable for diabetics.

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We are Trusted Shop certified.

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You are not satisfied with headstart? No problem.

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The composition of the natural ingredients contained in FOCUS PLUS® raises the blood sugar level after drinking and keeps it at an optimal level for hours. This function is the key to success because our brain does not have its own energy storage and draws 99% of its energy from blood glucose!
The effect of headstart® thus ensures that our brain as well as our entire organism (body) is constantly and optimally supplied with energy from blood glucose for hours.
This results in a noticeably better concentration performance in combination with increased physical vitality and simultaneous stress reduction. The sum of these positive characteristics results in a considerable support of the immune system.

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All products are 100% lactose-free


All headstart. Beverages are gluten-free

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Suitable for diabetics

Focus Plus
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100% vegan, lactose and gluten free

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scientifically approved

Increases performance

Supplies your
optimally with energy

for hours

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Our partners and customers are convinced

“In 2016, I realized my dream and became part of the professional fire department in Linz. Since we work 24 hours a day and this is physically and mentally very demanding, you also need the necessary support in terms of nutrition. For years, I have relied on headstart to ensure that I can always work in a focused and concentrated manner, whether it’s during the day on a fire mission or at night when we’re called upon to deal with a traffic accident.”
Alexander Brandl
Apart from the fact that I can now do hard training sessions from start to finish without a “hole”, the special thing about headstart for me is, that I can now study with concentration even after hard training sessions.
Fabian Rahn
Bild von Klaus Göseweiner
Even before I entered the ultra competitions, I often trained for a long time and afterwards almost always had the feeling of being absolutely empty. Today I only talk about a long session from 3 hours and it often happens that I spend up to 8 hours on the road during training. I have not experienced the previously described feeling of being completely burned out and empty since using Headstart! I have not experienced hypoglycaemia, the good old “hunger branch”, since using Headstart.
Mag. Klaus Gösweiner
Bild von Lara Hanslik
I have never been able to take any additional products during sports, I just couldn’t tolerate them. But headstart did and it was perfect for the exhausting tour!
Lara Hanslik
Bild von Uta Karl-Gräf
An undiagnosed celiac disease was the cause of my years of gastrointestinal problems, iron deficiency anemia and the resulting reduced physical and mental performance. By chance a friend recommended the drink “Headstart” to me and I was very positively surprised by the effect. The tolerance was extremely good and although I was severely limited in the nutrient intake during this time, I felt more productive and had more energy after consuming “Headstart focus plus”.
Mag a. Uta Karl-Gräf
Bild von Michael Sinn
In the last few weeks I’ve concentrated more on my work in the wine cellar and then drank Headstart more often while working. I have to admit you didn’t promise too much, I just kind of feel fresher in my head – great!
Michael Sinn
Bild von Hermann Berger
Next Saturday, as a member of the Austrian national team in archery, I will be allowed to fly to Canada for the World Championships. Of course, this requires a great deal of skill, but I would like to mention that Headstart has been my companion at every tournament, training and competition I have participated in. And this since my first gold medal IB 2016 and it is my concern to share this lasting positive experience.
Hermann Berger
Bild von Franz Stiebellehner
Since I am currently losing weight myself and I still have a lot to do, your products will help me a lot and I am convinced of it. Before I had their products, I had to consume magnesium and loads of fruit to get my vitamin balance under control. Despite everything, I was always not really fit and had symptoms of deficiency. We have been using your products with the whole family for a few weeks now (children up to father-in-law 80+) and we are thrilled.
Franz Stiebellehner
Again praise and amazement at what Headstart can do. My colleague is now providing his wife and sister-in-law with Headstart. His sister-in-law is the mother of five-year-old twin boys, works part time and is full of energy. Probably two five-year-olds are energy-consuming enough in themselves, but with Headstart she feels energetic enough to bring family and work under one roof :-).
Guschelbauer Gerlinde
Bild von Lukas Mähr
Throughout May and June we were on the road from England to Holland, back to England and Germany again. Are constantly drinking from headstart and it is really good as always. Especially at World Cup regattas, where we spend a long time at the water and can not eat much, it helps to keep energy brutally … and not to come back with a “hunger bast”. Regeneration is noticeably better and it is easier to run down or cycle out.
Lukas Mähr / David Bargehr
5 days training camp in Zadar with a total of 450km driven with 1 ham roll with cheese and 6-7l head start. I’m surprised how little I eat when cycling except head start. Conclusion: after 5 weeks with a head start and 1500 km by bike, I lost 3kg and feel really good – currently have a lot of energy and that in winter when my curve mostly points downwards

Herbert Ferstl
Heute will ich mal meine persönliche Erfolgsmeldung loswerden. Mein Sohn Lukas 16 Jahre, nimmt seit einem eher nicht herzeigbaren Halbjahres- Zeugnis jetzt endlich auf mein Drängen regelmäßig (zumindest 2- 3 / Tage vor Schularbeiten) Headstart. Seit den Semesterferien gab es nur noch positive Schularbeiten. Herzlichen Dank, mich muss man nicht mehr von Headstart und seiner Wirkung überzeugen, ich bin es schon.
Guschelbauer Gerlinde
In my practice, I operate on patients in particular under local or regional anesthesia. The circulatory system is often the main problem after the procedure. I counter this problem with Headstart. My patients get at least 1×0.5 head start. This leads to a stabilization of the circulatory system in a very short time – approx. 10-15 minutes, so that the patients can go home relatively quickly. This procedure has proven itself very well.
Dr. Erlewein Michael
Bild von Lukas Fornezzi
Last weekend also tested the powder and you absolutely didn’t promise too much. Great taste both warm and cold. What we noticed immediately, we never had the feeling of hunger or tiredness over the duration of the tournament and that is exactly the quality we were looking for.

Lukas Fornezzi
I drink around 750 ml of Headstart every day in the office. I can only say I am still thrilled. Thank you so much!
Dieter Lurz
Bild von Kagami Biraki
I have personally tested the drink in my family and friends over a long period of time and am positively surprised. My grandson is more attentive and focused at school and no longer comes home tired and exhausted. There is also energy left for homework and learning.

Franz Katzlberger

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