60 days – Money-back guarantee

This makes purchasing headstart products completely risk-free for you!

If you order a headstart product from us at www.headstart.at and realize that you don’t need it, you have 60 days (from the date of the invoice) to return the opened product to us. We will refund the entire product price. So the worst thing that can happen to you: You test our products, are not satisfied, and we refund you the product price.

What will probably happen:

You will be thrilled because the effectiveness of headstart helps you handle everyday tasks with more focus and efficiency. Moreover, it supports your immune system, providing increased mental and physical vitality while simultaneously reducing stress.

Please note that after the 60-day period, we can no longer refund or return any shipments.

The 14-day right of withdrawal remains unaffected by the money-back guarantee.