60-day money back guarantee

This means buying headstart products is completely risk-free for you!

If you have ordered a headstart product from us – www.headstart.at – and discover that you don’t need it after all, you have 60 days (from the invoice date) to send the opened product back to us and we’ll refund you the full product price. So, the worst that can happen is you test our products, you’re not satisfied and you get a refund.


What we think will happen is,

you’ll be thrilled with the way headstart works, helping you conquer everyday tasks in a more concentrated and efficient manner. It also supports your immune system, ensures greater mental and physical vitality, while simultaneously reducing stress

. Please note that after the 60 days have expired, we can no longer refund or send back items.


– the product must not be completely empty (at least25% of the dispensed quantity must still be available when returning)
– when returning several packs of the same product, only one pack may be open in order to get the refund for all products
– shipping costs are not reimbursed
– the following products are excluded from the money-back guarantee: groceries (bars), all accessory products and vouchers
– the reimbursement is processed via the payment method you used for your order
– the money-back guarantee may only be used once per customer/per product.


The 14-day right of withdrawal remains unaffected by the money-back guarantee.

Why not try headstart?

There's no risk, thanks to our money-back guarantee. Why did we create our guarantee? Because we know how well it works.