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The efficacy of headstart has been validated by a scientific study conducted as a double-blind review and was presented during the 41st German Sports Medicine Congress at the University Clinic in Ulm.

The regular intake of carbohydrates during physical exertion has been proven in numerous experiments to be beneficial for performance capability and endurance. In particular, human brain performance is influenced by the continuous supply of nutrients, especially glucose from the blood. The brain covers about 99 percent of its energy needs through glucose from the blood and can only store a small amount of glucose. However, the intake of carbohydrates should be in the optimal composition, as too high and too low glucose levels can have a performance-reducing effect. A scientific study with the fruit juice mixed beverage “headstart”, enriched with long-chain polysaccharides, vitamins, and minerals, showed measurably better performance and a more favorable stress response due to increased adrenaline and noradrenaline levels in the subjects. The best performances were achieved especially in the last observation period, indicating prolonged maintenance of brain performance with “headstart”.

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The “headstart” study was conducted as part of a double-blind review and impressively demonstrated the effectiveness of the fruit juice mixed beverage. The continuous intake of about 100-120 ml of “headstart” every 50-60 minutes during prolonged exertion, such as highly concentrated mental tasks over 7 hours, led to optimal brain performance. The elevated adrenaline and noradrenaline levels in the “headstart” group indicated a reduced stress response. The study’s findings suggest that the composition of “headstart” with long-chain polysaccharides, vitamins, and minerals promotes continuous carbohydrate uptake in the blood, thereby maintaining brain performance for longer.

Excerpt from the scientific study:

Dr. V. Höltke, Dr. M. Steuer, Dr. E. Jakob

In numerous experimental studies, it has been shown that the regular intake of carbohydrates (KH) during prolonged athletic activity ensures the maintenance of performance (e.g., strength, endurance, and speed) and prolongs the duration of the activity (10). Increasingly, the focus of science is also on the influence of this nutrient on human “brain performance.” The brain is sensitive to changes in diet; it depends on a continuous supply of nutrients from the blood.

99 percent of the brain’s energetic needs are met through blood glucose (13). Although the brain accounts for only 2% of body weight, it can consume 20-30% of the organism’s total energy, yet store very little glucose or energy itself (8).

Various “sweet” foods such as honey, cake, sweets, and various drinks with a high content of refined sugar already contain high doses of glucose, which are quickly absorbed and lead to a rapid increase in blood sugar levels.

This process subsequently leads to a reduced glucose availability (also) for the brain (a so-called hypoglycemia = low blood sugar) with symptoms such as weakness, decreased attention, and/or nervousness and concentration deficits (9).

When administering carbohydrates, it should be noted that there is probably a U-shaped relationship between the level of glucose and cognitive as well as psychomotor performance, i.e., “more doesn’t always mean better” (too high and too low glucose levels impair performance (12)), but “the optimal composition does it!”. “headstart” has this composition.

The KH intake should be continuous in small amounts, about 100-120ml of headstart every 50-60 minutes. For highly concentrated mental strains, 750ml of “headstart” per 7 hours of strain would be optimal for optimal “brain performance.” The composition of the fruit juice mixture enriched with (“long-chain”) polysaccharides and the vitamins and minerals additionally contained in it accelerate and promote the continuous KH uptake in the blood and ensure optimal supply of the brain (and muscles) with these nutrients.

In a scientific study, conducted using a double-blind review, the effectiveness of “headstart” was impressively demonstrated. Under the influence of “headstart”, performance during the approximately 3-hour highly concentrated and “stressful” strain was measurably better (by up to 12%)!

The measured values of adrenaline (A) and especially noradrenaline (NA) were higher in the respective “headstart” group than in the placebo group. The ratio of the two catecholamines (A:NA), which is important for assessing sympathetic activity, was about 30% higher after consuming “headstart”, making it significantly more favorable, i.e., the “stress” was lower in this group.

As a result, the better performances, when compared among all study participants, were achieved mainly in the last third of the observation period, meaning that with “headstart”, the “highest” (brain) performance could be maintained longer!

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